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-====== Passing Off ====== 
-... five characteristics ... must be present ... to create a valid cause of action for passing off ((Lord Diplock in Erven Warnink Besloten Vennootschap v J Townend and Sons (Hull) Ltd (1979) AC 731 at 742, cited Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Matt Groening Productions Inc v the South Australian Brewing Co Ltd and Lion Nathan Australia Pty Ltd [1996] FCA 1484)) 
-  - a misrepresentation ​ 
-  - made by a trader in the course of trade, ​ 
-  - to prospective customers .. or ultimate consumers of goods supplied by him,  
-  - which is calculated to injure the business or goodwill of another trader (in the sense that this is a reasonably foreseeable consequence) and  
-  - which causes actual damage to a business or goodwill of the trader by whom the action is brought or (in a quia timet action) will probably do so." ​ 

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